CSS Browser Compatibility settings in Resharper

Hi, This post will show you how we can enable/disable browser compatibility settings for CSS in Resharper. This setting is very useful which shows us clearly whether a particular css selector or other css features are compatible with specific versions of browsers or not. See the example below. We can see here that resharper points […]

Resolving Azure Data Lake Authorization Issue

Hi, While trying to access Azure Data Lake Store from my application, I encountered the below exception. The client ‘guid’ with object id ‘guid’ does not have authorization to perform action ‘Microsoft.Authorization/permissions/read’ over scope ‘/subscriptions/guid…. Resolution : I realized that I had not given permission to the Active directory application in the Data Explorer tab […]

Resolving “Value does not fall within the expected range” ArgumentException while reporting custom health events in Azure service fabric

Hi, If you’re working with Azure Service Fabric, there are chances you might be using the cluster Health Management APIs provided by SF SDK. And if you’re using those, then you would obviously be posting some custom health events at either your service level, application level or instance level with a source Id, health property […]

Check if service bus topic/subscription/queue exists with SAS key not having Manage permission

Hi, Consider a scenario where you’ve developed an application health monitoring type system which validates your application at application startup/periodically. Now as part of that if your application uses Azure service bus queues, topics, subscriptions, then it would be good to verify that they all exist before your application actually starts its work. So your initial […]

Out parameters in Async methods.

A little while ago, I wanted to have an asynchronous method that returned a string but also populated an integer “out” parameter. So I started writing the method as below // Note: This will give compiler error. private async Task<string> GetUserDetails(out int userRegionCode) {     userRegionCode=105;     return “samplestring”; } However, the compiler showed an […]