Check if service bus topic/subscription/queue exists with SAS key not having Manage permission

Hi, Consider a scenario where you’ve developed an application health monitoring¬†type system which validates your application at application startup/periodically. Now as part of that if your application uses Azure service bus queues, topics, subscriptions, then it would be good to verify that they all exist before your application actually starts its work. So your initial […]

Resolving “CloudConfigurationManager does not exist in the current context” compiler error

Hi, In case you get are trying to access the cloud configuration file in your Azure Cloud service and get the error “CloudConfigurationManager does not exist in the current context”¬†on CloudConfigurationManager class, then all you need to do is add the nuget package “Microsoft.WindowsAzure.ConfigurationManager” to your project. And then, make sure you include the using […]

State Management using Cookies.

What are Cookies? Cookies are nothing but a small piece of information that are stored at the client’s browser by the server. This small piece of information about the user is then sent by the browser in all subsequent requests to the same URL in the request. We can store anything in a cookie; General […]

Converting HTML text to image using C#

Hi, This post talks about converting HTML text to image. That is, saving as image, the html text as rendered in the browser!! (Unable to put it in proper words!! :@ ) The code uses an external dll (HtmlRenderer) that needs to be added in out project. HtmlRenderer namespace provides a class “HtmlRender” that provides […]