Uttarakhand pays the price for a never ending human greed

The recent cloud burst and floods in Uttarakhand are just one of the many natural calamities that will surely devastate our society unless we act NOW. Yes, unless we act NOW. We are very dangerously close to the point of no return and if we still continue to ravage the natural resources of our planet without caring about the harmful effects, then our society is destined to be doomed.

I found this on twitter. A very true depiction of the problem. Good job by the creator of this cartoon.

Just imagine the horrible condition that innocent people have faced and are in fact still facing there in that place. Imagine you holding your little sister or little brother’s hand and the next second, he/she is pulled away in a raging mud slide never to be seen again ever. Imagine holding your newly wedded wife’s hand trying to save her and the river takes her away forever. How will you leave from that place? How will you feel like leaving your wife’s body or little brother’s body or little sister’s body behind and go home? How will you feel like going home without your loved one?

I remember reading articles in newspapers warning about harmful effects of Global Warming from almost a decade! And have we observed any noticeable change in our country’s outlook towards reducing global warming? I don’t know about others’ opinion but personally I don’t see anyone doing anything to reduce the effect of global warming here in my place (Hyderabad, India). Every now and then, we see municipality workers remove all the trees on road sides and claim to plant them somewhere else. But no one ever sees any new tree planted anywhere.! Pollution levels in the city have reached alarming heights. People are falling sick because of pollution (Including myself). With the ongoing Metro Rail project in my city, no one can even question the authorities as to why they are removing all the trees. Of course, we do see fresh saplings being planted on the road sides by the metro rail department but are they really sufficient?

The geography text books in schools are literally filled with passages describing the harmful effects of deforestation on our environment. The books also describe very very simple ways to reduce the effects of global warming by planting trees. But sadly, they only remain in the text books and are hardly ever implemented in our society.

One good point to note here is that the IT parks in my city have been ranked high on Green Index and awareness but this needs to be the case all over the city and in fact all over the world. Unless each one of us acts NOW, I’m afraid that the devastation seen in Uttarakhand will prove to be only a small part of a bigger devastation that might cover our entire globe and I can’t even imagine how many more innocent lives will be lost.

Sometimes I even get a doubt whether governments around the world even WANT to tackle the problem of Global warming or not. Because it’s obvious that the solutions to global warming include shutting down of multi-billion dollar companies whose only source of revenue is either natural coal or crude oil. Obviously those companies would not want to stop their money in flow by going “green”. I really can’t get to any acceptable solution on this thought process of mine. The following video shows a very grim picture of how multi billion dollar companies are destroying the planet while showing off to the public that they are actually protecting them. This is the story of bottled water and “Manufactured Demand”.

The video shows clearly how the innocent population is fooled by these companies for selfishly increasing their revenues and profits and how our planet’s environment is being severely damaged because of that.

Please understand that our lives and our next generation’s lives are at stake. Please DO NOT take the environment for granted. And for god’s sake do not have this pathetic attitude of “I have nothing to lose…. So why should I care?” or something like “Let the other person do first, then I’ll do it” or even like this “If I do all this, what am I gaining out of it?”. I have personally seen many people around me who have attitudes like these about measures to prevent global warming. Only thing I can say to such people is that  you’re losing your own planet, so please, you BETTER care and that you don’t need to wait for any other person to do good things, you can as well do them before everyone else and also that if you are sincerely working towards preventing global warming, then you are gaining a better environment to live in. Isn’t this good enough?

Please do voice your own opinions and suggestions to make our planet safer and a better place for us to live in and enjoy.

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