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Hey guys!

It’s been quite a long time that I have blogged something general. There have been quite a few changes in my life in these few months. One of those changes that I would like to blog about here is that I’m now out of Facebook.

Well, I know many would react to it something like this:  “Yeah, so what’s the big deal in that huh? Why make this a blog post???

Frankly, Yes, there is nothing big here. But I personally find lot of changes in myself post facebook 😛 which I simply felt like penning down.

The very first change is that now I’m actually concentrating more on myself than on my friends. As in, I’m concentrating more on what “I am doing and what I have to do” than on what my online buddies are up to.. 😛

Earlier, Every morning I woke up, the first thing I used to do was pick up my phone, open Facebook, check out what my friends had posted, check out who all were online, close the app. Next, brush my teeth 😐. Now, I wake up, just stretch myself, yawn, think about the girl in my dream and then start my day thinking about how I can make my day better and not about what should my next status update be.

Then, earlier during my Facebook days, I used to check out my friends’ posts again while having breakfast, scrolling through all the same useless posts, liking and commenting on some even more useless posts and closing the app and suddenly realizing that I have already finished eating my breakfast!! But now, I have my breakfast peacefully while either reading the newspaper or just enjoying my food doing nothing other than just eating. I’m pretty sure, all of our parents would have spent half of their parental life telling us to concentrate on the food we’re eating and not on other things so that the food can actually benefit us; But obviously, none of us (me included) would have listened to them. But now, I’m not kidding about this, I’m actually finding the difference myself when I’m doing nothing other than peacefully eating my food. (Psst… I have gained some weight :-P)

The next change I’m observing is that I’m, quite ironically, more connected to my close friends than earlier. Anytime I feel like talking to them, I talk to them directly on phone or meet them personally as opposed to having passive conversations in front of monitors as we all do when online.

Well, I’m not saying that checking out our friends’ posts and what all they are up to is wrong in anyway. But I had gotten addicted to it which I felt was wrong. I remember a dialogue from the movie “The Social Network” wherein a woman says (while referring to the site), “….Stanford has had it for like two weeks now. It’s really good, except that it’s FREAKISHLY ADDICTIVE…..”. Frankly, yes. The site is indeed freakishly addictive to the extent that it is completely taking over people’s lives. Forget those days when the whole family used to get together for a family photograph to be put in the house or capturing some priceless moments on a road trip with your girlfriend. I find many people, including my friends and siblings, being more bothered or excited about choosing the best pics to upload on Facebook so as to get more likes and comments than cherishing the moment captured in the picture. I have personally seen a guy brainstorming in order to put up a flash-bang status update so as to get maximum likes or shares!!!!! Not to mention those IRRITATING shares on some useless crappy pages that say “1 Like = 1000 slaps to a criminal” or “1 share = $0.5 donated to a crippled person (who probably doesn’t even exist)”!!! or “Like for Justin Beiber, comment for Eminem“. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Seriously, such posts are probably the most stupid and dumb posts on the entire Internet.! I really feel free from all of that shit now…


Of course, I don’t mean that having an account in Facebook is bad, it’s just that I’m taking a break from that addiction and stupidity and surely I will be back. Don’t know when. I find the other networking websites like twitter or linkedIn much much better those sites are helping (well, at least for now) in “knowledge sharing” which is probably why the Internet was first invented. One can find tons and tons and tons of useful information about whatever he/she can ask for, immediately. Now, I know the previous lines sounded geeky but well, that’s the truth. Little kids, as little as 7 have Facebook accounts! And what do they do after coming home? Log in to Facebook, Do some online Farming, and relax. I remember the times when I was 7 years old; that was one heck of an amazing time I had. Well anyway, I know today’s 7 yr olds find doing online farming amazing. whatever…


So finally, I guess I have bored you enough and I better stop jabbering about how awesome I have become after coming out of Facebook and how lame some people on Facebook are 😀 Just kidding…… 😉 No offense please.! I don’t want to land in jail.


Have fun and don’t let Facebook take over your life. 😉 😛

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