The media (books, films, music, television) tend to create rather than reflect the values of the society

Yesterday on my way home from office in the bus, me and my friend were talking. Two boys were sitting behind us. Both of them had loud voices and they were discussing an issue very seriously. We could easily hear what they were talking about. It was about the media influencing and creating the values of the society.

I thought I could share my own views on this issue as well on this blog. And do share your perspectives as well.

Any society is known by the values that it exists upon. Media is the way these values can propagate and continue to exist. But these days, there is a change in the usual way. Media itself tends to create new values on which the society runs.

Media today is the biggest information base in the world. People rely almost completely on various types of media to learn about a variety of things in their life. In today’s world, information can be gained not only from books, but also from television, internet, movies and many other sources. These different forms of media play a vital role in shaping the character of an individual and hitherto, creating the values of the society that the individuals live in.

People usually tend to implement, the live trends and types of characters depicted in books, movies or television, in their own lives. when multiple people in the society do the same, it brings in a vogue and sometimes these trends become the core values of the society with the youth being the most easily influenced sect. Any new and impressive trend depicted in the books or movies or anything becomes a trend overnight among the youth. This as well percolates down to still younger generation.

Another thing I would like to quote here is that these days, people tend to get “fascinated” and “amazed” by all kinds of negative things happening in the society. All the bad things happening in the society like bomb blasts, gang rapes, communal riots, etc., get extreme amounts of hypes, courtesy The Media, but at the same time, good things like a school constructed in a remote village or a group of people working hard to eliminate child labor hardly gets any attention. This bias towards negativity influences the young generation a lot and pulls them away from the real world. Instead, what happens is, they get fascinated by all these bad things and some person (with power and money in his/her pockets) actually tries it!

This affects the society a lot and sometimes introduces new trends and fads and literally cause a sea change in the values of the society. Thus, instead of reflecting the true values of the society, the media becomes a vehicle for driving negative thoughts among the people of the society, thus altering the true values immensely.

Any Comments/Views are welcome… 🙂

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