Finally a start on WordPress

Hello everyone!

This is Amogh Natu. I’m from Andhra Pradesh, India. I’m 22 years old and currently working.


I have never blogged before in my life but guess what, everything has its starting somewhere.. 😉  This is mine and I hope it would turn out to be good. 🙂


Sometime back I was just thinking as to what all should I write in my First  Post, that would blow away everyone. But then I thought, to hell with it, I’ll just post something really simple and this is all there is folks 🙂


I’ll mostly be posting about the things I get to learn in everyday life (Mostly technical, .NET related) and sometimes, non-technical as well.


Hope to meet some really good bloggers and learn from them. See you all soon… 🙂


About Amogh Natu

Technology enthusiast, Associate Consultant @ Microsoft, music lover, love my guitar, Microsoft.NET, ASP.NET, C#.NET Professional.
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