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Remember this Windows XP wallpaper??? :-)

Hi, We all would surely remember this Windows XP wallpaper. Well, this is how it looks today… Advertisements

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Save trees, Save yourself….

The picture says it all… I’m just sharing a picture that I found on the internet. This is not my creation but it’s worth sharing.     I hope people realize the importance of saving trees and do the needful.. … Continue reading

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The media (books, films, music, television) tend to create rather than reflect the values of the society

Yesterday on my way home from office in the bus, me and my friend were talking. Two boys were sitting behind us. Both of them had loud voices and they were discussing an issue very seriously. We could easily hear … Continue reading

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Earliest Photos of iPad

These pictures were released from a document that was shared by Apple recently. The pictures indicate that the company had started working on the iPad prototype from around 2000. Check these pictures.  🙂 Source:  

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82 facts you probably didn’t know…

Let me be frank, I have not done research on the below facts to verify their truth I’m just re-sharing something that is little fascinating. And probably would help you relax from your busy schedule….. Read this whenever you are … Continue reading

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Something for car lovers!!

If you are an avid car lover, especially a sports car lover, you have to see this collection: I was blown away by the collection, and I’m pretty sure, if you too are a car-freak like me, you too … Continue reading

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The History of HTML 5

  This photo very clearly shows how HTML5 came into existance. Source:

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