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Fixing issue of not being able to add view to Database First Entity Framework model

Hi, If you’re using Database First entity framework (EF) model, you might require to use views. Now to add views to the EF model, the process is straight forward, just the same way we add Tables. However, there is a … Continue reading

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Add file header to new class/other items automatically on creation in Visual Studio

Hi, This post shows how we can make little changes to the Class template in visual studio so that we can add a file header to a newly created class. It’s generally a good practice to add a file header … Continue reading

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Creating WCF Service hosted in Azure Service Fabric over Https with Basic Authentication

Hi, This post will show how we can create a WCF Service in Azure Service Fabric and how to configure Basic authentication to it using simple username and password validation. Follow the below steps in the given order: Create Service … Continue reading

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