Check if service bus topic/subscription/queue exists with SAS key not having Manage permission


Consider a scenario where you’ve developed an application health monitoring type system which validates your application at application startup/periodically. Now as part of that if your application uses Azure service bus queues, topics, subscriptions, then it would be good to verify that they all exist before your application actually starts its work.

So your initial thought would be to use NamespaceManager class from the Microsoft.ServiceBus assembly. This class provides <entity>Exists() methods for all the above. However, one point to note here is that NamespaceManager class requires Manage permission to be present to the SAS key from the connection string.

As a security measure, the general advise is to NOT use a SAS key with manage permission and to use one with Send/Listen permissions.


So for checking if the entities exist, we can use the TopicClient, SubscriptionClient, QueueClient classes from Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging assembly. Check below code. Click for full size image.



In the above snippet, each of the .Peek() (Or PeekAsync()) methods will throw an exception (Entity not found) if the corresponding entity doesn’t exist and passes if they exist. This check can be used to determine if the entities exist or not.

P.S: There are other ways too but this is relevant if you do not want to send/receive from these service bus entities.

Hope this helps!

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