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Resolving “make sure that the controller has a parameter less public constructor” error in WebAPIs

Hi, If you’re working with WebAPIs and in the your API Controller, you have a constructor that takes parameters which are being injected by Unity or any IoC Container, then there might be a case where you will get the … Continue reading

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Resolving “Not Authorized to Connect” error while running Azure Service Fabric application

Hi, If you’re relatively new to Azure Service Fabric, then there is a chance you might run into this issue wherein you start debugging your service fabric application in Visual Studio 2015 and you run into this exception. “Not Authorized … Continue reading

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Resolving “CloudConfigurationManager does not exist in the current context” compiler error

Hi, In case you get are trying to access the cloud configuration file in your Azure Cloud service and get the error “CloudConfigurationManager does not exist in the current context”¬†on CloudConfigurationManager class, then all you need to do is add … Continue reading

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