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Getting a machine name of logged in user in

Hi, I recently encountered this scenario and thought of blogging about it. To get the machine name of the logged in user, you can use the “GetHostEntry()” method provided in System.Net.Dns class. GetHostEntry takes a string as parameter and it … Continue reading

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Transferring files from Windows 7 host to MAC OS X Mountain Lion Virtual Machine

Hi, To transfer files from your local Windows 7 OS to a Mac Virtual Machine, you first need to enable sharing in Virtual machine settings. After that, open the virtual machine, select the “Go” menu option in the Finder menu … Continue reading

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One year with wordpress! :-)

Completed one year of blogging in WordPress.! 🙂 Learned a lot of things from some of the most amazing bloggers. Hoping to continue this journey and hoping to meet some even more amazing people and blogs Cheers! 🙂

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Our great Indian Democracy (Sarcastically)

Patrick French talks about the pathetic state of Indian democracy and the reason behind our nation’s government’s failure in everything. Watch this video and see how our corrupt and useless politicians are literally raping our own country for their own … Continue reading

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